DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance — We’re more than just travel insurance. Uniquely, we issue every insured person a personalized stainless steel Dogtag which could be vital in an emergency. It has:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Information — you’ll always have emergency contact numbers handy you when you travel.
  • Your name and your unique DOGTAG identity number — this means you can easily identify yourself if you need to call us, and you won’t need paperwork.Some description
  • The DOGTAG Emergency Web Address & Phone Number — this enables medical provider to log into your personal read-only emergency page and find important information you’ve chosen to display. This can:
    • • prove you have current insurance
    • • display your next of kin’s contact details
    • • provide your doctor’s contact details
    • • list vital medical information such as your blood type, previous medical history, or current medications.

Our Sports Coverage:  DOGTAG offers a complete sports list with an easy-to-use sports selector so you can easily choose the best coverage for your needs.

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