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January 23, 2020

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January 23, 2020    INDUSTRY HEADLINES

The air medical membership debate

Vertical Magazine
The issue of balance billing in the air medical industry continues to be a pressing issue. Patients who receive air transport in the event of a serious accident are subsequently left with thousands of dollars in surprise bills — paying the difference between the medical charges and what an insurance provider covers. Some air medical operators believe strongly in membership programs to eradicate surprise bills, and others are opposed to that method, looking to other programs that help patients through the post-air medical care process.


Risks employees face when traveling outside the 4 walls of a workplace

Insurance Business Magazine
Work-related travel can open up employees to a myriad of risks, whether they’re attending a conference outside of the office, traveling to another state for work, or crossing borders to contribute to a long-term project. The top risk to traveling employees comes up when they get behind the wheel and take their eyes off the road to text, take a call, or have another bite of their breakfast sandwich. “The number one trend that I see is distracted driving,” said Matt Zender, AmTrust Financial Services’ senior vice president of workers’ compensation strategy.


The Medicare Part D drug plan donut hole is closed, what does that mean?

Just about every Medicare beneficiary has heard about the donut hole in a Medicare Part D drug plan. Many will admit they don’t understand it but they all know it means drugs will cost more. Now, they’ve heard that the donut hole closed on January 1, 2020. They are ecstatic because they believe their drugs will be free. And, once again, it’s likely they don’t understand what’s happening.


Trump poised to kick off election-year fight over Medicaid

The Hill
The Trump administration is poised to kick off a major partisan feud over Medicaid in 2020, as officials are reportedly planning to soon introduce a way for states to block grant Medicaid money. The guidance, which The Wall Street Journal said could be released as early as this month, will test the Trump administration’s ability to allow states the flexibility to make drastic changes to Medicaid.


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